This year’s Silence Fest kicked off from October 17 at Bhrikutimandap Ground, Kathmandu and lasted till October 18. Silence Fest V was bit different from previous installments as Silence Fest V was a two days event, plus there was Nepal Inked – International Tattoo convention happening along side the festival.Continue Reading

behemoth live at silence fest iv 2013 nepal

Silence Fest happened on November 9 has ended. This year’s Silence Fest was headlined by Polish Blackened Death metal juggernaut Behemoth. This year’s Silence Fest too had bands from Nepal as well as outside Nepal. The line up included Ugrakarma (Nepal), Zygnema (India), Derric (Switzerland), Underside (Nepal), Newaz (Nepal), JugaaContinue Reading

silence fest iv picture

Following the Silence Festival series, Silence Fest IV 2013 happened on November 9 at Bharikutimandap, Kathmandu.  Silence Fest has always been one of the much-anticipated international-tier concert in Nepal. Chances of metal listeners not knowing about Silence Fest are almost null. This year’s Silence Fest IV was headlined by PolishContinue Reading