Aimbase Nepali Band

Nepfest II was successfully completed yesterday (17th September). It was little bit late to kick start show. Audience were remarkable as compared to first verse of Nepfest.There were alltogether seventeen bands warrior for   Nepfest II. All participants bands completed  their perfomance around 4:30pm. There was an hour break forContinue Reading

Gothica Deification of the Saboteur EP

Gothica is a metal band thrashing the underground scene of Kathmandu for quite some years now. After the release of their debut single “Mortal Warriors Die” in late 2008/2009, they’ve come up with their first EP titled “Deification of the Saboteur”. We talk with the band about the album andContinue Reading

Brutal Fest Narsamhaar

Brutal Fest was organized by Brutal Pokhara on July 02 Saturday. Day I Google gave me the meaning of “brutal” as “extremely ruthless or cruel”. And, it became exactly the intolerable brutal for me during my tour to Brutal Pokhara – Brotherhood of Mayhem gig on 2nd of July, Saturday.Continue Reading