Beyond All Ends Progressive Metal Band

Formed in late 2009, Beyond All Ends has experienced drastic changes in both sound and its member lineup. Founded by guitarist Hunter Godey and drummer Nathan Kuntz, began as a pop-metalcore outfit. As lineups shifted, so did the sound, as members opted to create brutal deathcore and abandon the softerContinue Reading

Jindaad Band Members

JINDABAAD!!! is a kathmandu based ART-Rock group as they like to call it.Discovering what they cant do and wont be allowed to do has resulted in influencing the sound of the band lately. Pop ,rock n roll, punk, futuristic heart thumping club, jazz, progressive,psychedelic,imaginative or non imaginative , everybody feedsContinue Reading

Diablo Band (Black Metal)

Band:Diablo Line-up: Pratik Chitrakar – Vocals Rupesh Lama – Guitar Sazan Dyola – Guitar Bibek Tamang – Bass Bibek Dhimal – Drums Genre: Black Metal Influences: Mainly Cradle of Filth, and others are Lamb of God, Mudvayne, Deftones, etc. DIABLO is a five-piece metal band hailing from Lalitpur, who hadContinue Reading