Remember the first installation¬† Core Gig two years back ? After skipping a year, second installation of Core Gig is back. Just like original Core Gig, this year’s gig also features metal core/ modern metal bands; from top to the bottom. Rage Hybrid, Asphyxiate, Shadow in Shade will be againContinue Reading

  On February 27, at Reggae Bar, UgraKarma will release their long-awaited EP, “Mountain Grinders”, the follow-up to 2001’s “Blood Metal Initiation”. The show also marks the return of metallic hardcore riffstealers¬†Jugaa to the stage, their first since 2014. Binaash too will be fucking shit up, as they always do.Continue Reading

Nepal Death fest 2016

Nepal DeathFest 2016 has been announced and it is bigger than before. The third installment of Nepal DeathFest will be happening on January 22 & 23. NDF2016 will see global metal band such as Flesh Crawl (Germany), Sete Star Sept (Japan), Meat Train (England), NervoChaos (Brazil) and Nepalese metal bands.Continue Reading