On February 27, at Reggae Bar, UgraKarma will release their long-awaited EP, “Mountain Grinders”, the follow-up to 2001’s “Blood Metal Initiation”. The show also marks the return of metallic hardcore riffstealers¬†Jugaa to the stage, their first since 2014. Binaash too will be fucking shit up, as they always do.Continue Reading

DIY gig, “Workshop : Motorhorse” took place on October 5. This small D.I.Y gig had lineup of Ugrakarma, Jugaa, Binaash & Vomiting Snakes. The gig was short with 4 bands on the lineup but the intensity was full. Below are some few videos & photos from the gig. Playlists JugaaContinue Reading

Ghalazat MMXIII is a metal / hardcore compilation album featuring bands from Nepal, Pakistan and US. The compilation was released on June 07, 2013 and features 9 tracks from bands based on Nepal, Pakistan and US. Bands featured on Ghalazat MMXIII are ; Binaash [Nepal] UgraKarma [Nepal] Terrifyer [Nepal] ForeskinContinue Reading