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and we came nepal

and we came nepal

And We Came is the deathcore band from Kathmandu, Nepal formed in the year 2009 with the pioneers of band Suzen Raj Bajracharya (Bass) and Rohit Pujari (vocals) with other joining members Sahaj Tamrakar (guitars) and the then drummer. The band started with the hit numbers into the public scene in the local area back then. But due to the personal issue of the drummer, the band remained inactive. And later, he was substituted by another drummer and additional guitarist, Pawan.

Since 2011, the band enlightened with the change in line up and started trashing the local gigs viz. Metal Suffocation I, Metal Suffocation II, Tribute to Dimbag DareII, etc. which was ridiculously rad. Again due to the band internal issues, the drummer was substituted by another outstanding drummer Jeson Awale who is still continuing with the band. With the formation of this new group, it’s been now a complete powerful and aggressive tie up and a synergy.

This five guy deathCore band, And We Came has performed in numerous gigs namely Pre-Silence fest (2012), Plan Aftermath EP release Gig, Purple Gig, Ides of March 2013, Summer Fest I with their breath thrilling songs. Their recent notable gig was Silence Fest IV 2013 where they shared stage with Behemoth.

The band has also participated in the annual Band competition organized by Nepfest where they gathered all the scattered crowds into the muddy ground of Fun Park, Bhrikutimandap. They made the crowd go crazy and totally trashed the place up. The band secured 5th position in the competition. The band is still active and they are yet to come with more sick and gnarly stuffs in the scene.

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