Brutal Pokhara calling Bands for Compilation Album.

Brutal Pokhara Compliltaion Album

Brutal Pokhara is brutally proud to announce an online compilation album that will comprise bands from Nepal, Pakistan, USA, Turkey, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hungary and many more different countries as the compilation process is still going on.
We urge all the interested bands seeking PROMOTION to send us their demos with a brief profile and pic of the band to before June 1st.
Be a part of this truly international compilation. Be heard!!

[Words By Brutal Pokhara itself]

This is their first approach towards the step of compilation album.This album will be distributed free for metal heads of this planet.Online Compilation means Brutal Pokhara will not be producing any Cds and cassette for this version of album.

Previously They came into metal scene by Brutal Pokhara E-zine.

Stay with us.


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