Final 13 bands for 11th KCM ICMC finale selected

icmc 11

13 bands icmc

The preliminary round of 11th KCM ICMC has came to an end. The journey began with 36 bands from Kathmandu, Pokhara, Dharan and Butwal. The final 13 finalist for grand finale of ICMC has been selected and they will competing with each other at finale which will happen on December 20 at Jawlakhel Ground. It is yet to know who will grab the prestigious title this year.

The 13 finalists of the 11th KCM ICMC are:
1. 13th Friday – Sangeet Pathshala D
2. 5th Element – Sangeet Pathshala A
3. Crown of Thrones – Jamsthan B
4. Fragments- NCIT
5. Human Dementia – Sangeet Pathshala C
6. Kings Among Men – GEMS
7. Scapegoat – Sangeet Pathshala B
8. Strychnine – Saipal
9. System Error – ACE
10. The Blacklisted – IOE
11. VIvace Octave – Jamsthan A
Crowds’ Favourite: The Void – Rato Bangala School
Wildcard Entry: The Last Source – NMCHS

We wish all the participating bands best, may the best win!icmc 11

Photo : ICMC

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