Ful’stop Band biography

fullstop band nepal

fullstop band nepal

Formed in 2009, Ful’stop is a metal band from Kathmandu, Nepal. The band plays heavy metal influenced with groove, thrash and other sub-genre of metal. The band was runner up in 9th KCM ICMC and grabbed the title of best guitarist as well. The band went on to become winner of Party Nepal’s All Nepal band Competition among 35 bands.

The band has till date released two tracks entitled “Aakash Chyatiyo””601 Dhamira” featuring Sandeep Tuladhar of X-Mantra and demo track “Die as a Rockstar” (demo without vocal). According to band, they are currently working on their debut album.

The Best thing for all us has been to be able to play in a band in the first place,to play for our fans give them a good times,Music has always been our passion and YES ! now we are in the music scene. Fullstop will keep thrashing.Jay Metal Jay Fullstop.

The band was in final 6 band on Battle of Band 2013 and played on Tribute to Dimebag gig (Promotional Event for Michael Angelo Batio Live in Nepal). Besides, Ful’stop has played in Rocktober,Tribute to Rock Phase 1, Summer Fest 2070, Metal Dashain, Nepal Inked and also became first metal band to play in Palpa, Nepal.

Line Up :
Prashant Sharma Dhakal(Vocals)
Satish Risal(Guitars)
Atit Risal(Guitars)
Sunny Pujari(Bass)
Robortson Pradhan(Drums)

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