GIG Alert : Recalling 90s grunge era

recalling grunge

With a bold claim “Grunge is not dead”, Recalling 90s grunge era is scheduled to happen in Purple Haze, Thamel this February 20. Three bands will be performing the best of 90s grunge in the show. The bands will be covering the iconic grunge bands such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Sound Garden, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chain etc. The gig was originally scheduled to happen on May but was postponed due to earthquake.

The main attraction of the gig will be Sound Chain Pilots – a super group consisting the members of Underside, Tumbleweed Inc, Albatross etc. This might be the only opportunity to see this super group perform live. The tickets are price at Rs 500 and available on door sales only.

Performing bands & artists:

Band 1: ALL STARS are
Ashok Sen (Vocals)
Rajiv Khadka (Guitars) Vomiting Snake
Abhishek Rai (Guitars) Horny Monks
Pranay Subba (Bass) Vomiting Snake
Gautam Tandukar (Drums) Horny Monks

Avishek K.C (Vocals) Underside
Abhishek Mishra (Vocals) Spirit X
Sarad Shrestha (Guitars/Vocals) Tumbleweed Inc.
Sunny Manandhar (Guitars) Albatross
Rozet Gurung (Bass)
George Limbu (Drums) 72hrs
Roben Neupane (Drums) Tumbleweed Inc.

Band 3: NEWAZ
Satish Sthapit (Vocals/ Guitars)
Roshan Kansakar (Bass)
Deepak Batra (Guitars)
Prajol Kansakar (Drums)

You can find more information about the event here :


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