Nepal Death Fest 2014

nepal deathfest

nepal deathfest
Joint collaboration of BRUTAL POKHARA and EXTREME UNDERGROUND METAL SOCIETY OF NEPAL, DeathFest 2014 is the upcoming event scheduled to happen on January 11, 2014 at Kathmandu Nepal.
The event will feature Death/Thrash metal bands from Nepal, India, Srilanka and Bangladesh. This year’s first Nepal Deathfest is supposed to have at least 6-8 Death/Thrash Metal acts. The event aims to to bring most accomplished and intense Death Metal acts from the sub continent. Bands from India, Bangaldesh, and Nepal and Srilanka will be playing on this event.

Bands lineup for Nepal Death Fest 2014:
-UgraKarma (Nepal)
-Fragarak (India)
-Homicide (Bangladesh)
-Dying out Flame (Nepal)
-Creature of Judgment (Bangladesh)
-Aakrosh (Nepal)
-Nude Terror (Nepal)

Official facebook event page :

Also available in these events are band merchandise, stickers, pins. album + other goodies.

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