Review:ktmROCKS Ides Of March 2012.

I was very much excited to attend this gig from the day of it’s lineup announced. The 11th edition of ktmROCKS Ides of March was huge success. Every year we attendees are increasing which proves that our SCENE is getting bigger day by day .Last Year we have Vader in Silence Fest, this year Napalm Death in Metal Mayhem (and Decapitated to play on September). This year Bangladesh ‘s Severe Dementia played on Ides of March. This is the first time Ides of March featured a band outside from Nepal.

11 is slam death metal band from our Scene. I have listened them in Youtube many times. This is my first experience with 11 band. They did few covers and their originals. The performance was impressive.

Divine Influence
This is the second band performing in Ides of March. They performed last year here in the same stage. I was not satisfied with the performance of Divine Influence as compared to last year. Their setlist was changed this year with few cover only. They gave their original Interculter -2 yesterday other were their old originals.
Also they did a cover Walk With Me Hell. Mean time they were disturbed by technical problems.

Imperium is black metal band. This is the second stage performance by Imperium after their KCM ICMC. Imperium kicked off the show by Mayhem’s Cover. Here Ides of March also we faced F**king loadsheding problem. Imperium paused the second stage which they contiued after a while. The crowd showed huge moshpit during their cover Aasantusta Atma (Originally Cruentus). Over all Imperium showed the show.

White is Rock band. I love the vocal and the riffs most of their songs. Their setlist was old as they did in last year’s Ides of march. Vocalist presented track “Sex” in beautiful way though I see some shyness in his face. He hardly faced the crowd while narrating story of sex. White entertained the audience. The sound was more improved in their performance but was little lower vocal.

Jindabaad is art rock band. Jindabaad came back in scene after a year of haitus. This is their first performance on major event after celebrating their 2nd anniversary. They did their regular set from their Plastic Heart Ep. I found them same speed of stage performance as they used to be in past events. But I was expecting some new tracks from their upcoming album. Mean time, Rohit revealed that they were recording for new music video . Welcome back Jindabaad. Hope to get your album soon.

Severe Dementia
SD is death metal band from Bangladesh. This is their second performance abroad their country. They came on the stage with words “Namaste Nepal”. They kicked off from their EP Epitaph of Plassey. All of the members were very much excited, I see on every member’s face. SD were pretty happy to see Nepali Metal respecting them. I saw the real mosh pit during their cover song of Cannibal Corpse and Nile. Also they did Shudder Thee Incensed Goddess from their upcoming album. They wrapped their show with track Howls of Murshidabad. Thanks SD coming to Nepal.

Lakhey is the only Ethnic Metal Band of Universe. Finally Lakhey came on the stage. This is the band I was dying to see from the day of Line Up announced. It was almost half past 7 when Lakhey was on stage. But crowd was not reduced. Crowd was eager to see Lakhey. After sound setup of around 10 mins they kicked off the show. Seven Members were creating different music with the use of huge numbers of Instrument. I saw instrument from Dhyangro, Flute, Dhime, Khing, Bhusyaa and others which I do not know the name even too. All memebers were up with different mask. Crowd was shouting “Nepali Slipknot” ha ha.
Actually a Lakhey came on the stage with Rango’s tauko (Rango=Buffalo,head=tauko). He was dancing haphazardly on his own way . But I found that the sound output was not good enough . Might be it was because of many instrument and not sufficient time given for setting up .But the concept was awesome.
All credit goes to Anil Dhital for mixing newari /nepali instruement with metal. Finally they played their track “lakhey” at last and ended the show.

Find Our Live Videos of ktmROCKS Ides Of March 2012 from here:

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