Biography : Underside Metal Band from Nepal

underside nepal

underside nepal


December 2010, just before the first ever Silence Festival 2010, Guitarist of the Geneva, Switzerland based band Law of silence met up with Avishek K.C the frontman for E.Quals/Lost Oblivion during a recording session at Silence studios, sharing the same passion and drive for music they came up with a plan. With Bikash Bhujel, Manil Shakya, Bbek Tamang, the plan turned up as UNDERSIDE.
Formed in 2010 UNDERSIDE is a metal band with influences from retro rock to old school trash influences delivered in a modern way.

The band was able to gather the followers since their early days. Till date Underside has been part of various national & international events such as Silence Fest II, Silence Fest IV, Nepfest etc sharing stage with bands such as Vader, Behemoth & Decapitated.

Band’s debut EP “Welcome to the Underside” was released on January 2014 which has received positive feedbacks from inside as well as outside the country. The album was accompanied by music video for song “Disconnect” which displayed the growing production standard in the scene.

underside band photo
Photo : Dipit Photography


Current Member
Avishek KC-Vocals
Bbek Tamang- Drums
Manil Shakya- Bass
Bikash Bhujel- guitars
Bkrant Shrestha- Guitars


Status : Active

Record Label
Silence Records

Welcome to the Underside EP (2014)

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