ktmrocks ides of march 2011

KtmROCKS with slogan ” Supporting Local SCENE” is organising Ides Of March On its¬† 10th year Anniversary Concert.Previous Ides of March was held at Mahendra Police Club. This time venue is FunPark Bhrikuti Mandap.More KtmRocks is launching its emag in this gig.According to KtmROCKS This Ides of March is goingContinue Reading

This is the video originally taken by KtmRocks. Here I have posted here for those who are not present in the Silence Festival. Binaash Performing their Original Song @ Silence Festival For more video from KtmROCKS. Please Click Here to go Youtube Channel.Continue Reading

Silence festival 2010 nepal

This is the Another Gig In this December.Gig Organised By Silence Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. There are two Bideshi Band Performing in this Concert.Enigmatik and The  Motherockers Gang From Switzerland. ALso We Have Our Local bands Monkey Temple,ALT F4,72hrs,EQUALS,BINAASH The Time Venue Are in the Picture Above. And for further updatesContinue Reading