behemoth live at silence fest iv 2013 nepal

Silence Fest happened on November 9 has ended. This year’s Silence Fest was headlined by Polish Blackened Death metal juggernaut Behemoth. This year’s Silence Fest too had bands from Nepal as well as outside Nepal. The line up included Ugrakarma (Nepal), Zygnema (India), Derric (Switzerland), Underside (Nepal), Newaz (Nepal), JugaaContinue Reading

DIY gig, “Workshop : Motorhorse” took place on October 5. This small D.I.Y gig had lineup of Ugrakarma, Jugaa, Binaash & Vomiting Snakes. The gig was short with 4 bands on the lineup but the intensity was full. Below are some few videos & photos from the gig. Playlists JugaaContinue Reading

Ghalazat MMXIII is a metal / hardcore compilation album featuring bands from Nepal, Pakistan and US. The compilation was released on June 07, 2013 and features 9 tracks from bands based on Nepal, Pakistan and US. Bands featured on Ghalazat MMXIII are ; Binaash [Nepal] UgraKarma [Nepal] Terrifyer [Nepal] ForeskinContinue Reading