Discord’s Blood, Sweat & Grind.

Discord performing at Chepang’s Dosro Bhet. 📷:Samir Shrestha

Bhaktapur based grindcore band ‘Discord’ was formed back in 2016 with the line-up of Keroz on Vocals, Uzwal on guitars, Zaman on bass and Bikesh on drums. The band plays grindcore with hardcore influences.

They started as a cover band playing some classic Napalm Death’s and Terrorizer’s stuff. The band later got into originals after playing some shows. They said, “we always wanted to have a record, things were not easy due to all the circumstances and everything.”

The band was on hiatus in 2018. After a year long break, they were back with a change in their original line-up. Ridesh joined the band as a new drummer. After some months of intense rehearsals, they hit the studio. Finally they’re coming out with their record ‘Blood, Sweat & Grind’. The album comprises of 13 tracks with lyrical ideas consisting of protest and sarcasm to higher authorities.

All of their songs are written in Nepali. Their songs talks about issues on day to day life in Nepal.The titles of their songs are very precise which clears out the idea about the song to the listeners right away. They said, “we like to make it simple and make it deep.” Songs like Melamchi, Sanskriti Haran, Netapaal criticizes the government and governmental activities. Melamchi in particular talks about the ‘Melamchi Khane Paani Project‘, which has been a false hope to all nepalese from the government. Similarly, Sanskriti Haran is a critical topic that talks about the nepalese government trying to wipe out the old heritage sites and native localities in the name of development. Other songs talks about unsolved rape cases in our society, male oppression & female rights and about human civilization, one specially of Nepal. 

Blood, Sweat & Grind. The exact date of their album launch has not been confirmed yet but they are looking forward to launch it in the end of this January, with another very interesting hardcore band from Nepal, Neck Deep In Filth. The cassette tapes are up for the pre-orders on the German record label Lower Class Kids Records. They will be releasing Discord’s Blood, Sweat & Grind worldwide. The tapes are supposed to be released on 20th February in Europe and will soon be available in Nepal too via the band itself. 

They recently toured the major cities of Eastern Nepal like Dharan, Damak & Biratnagar. After the eastern Nepal tour, they played at Doshro Bhet with Chepang in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Chepang, another grind maniacs, the himalayan grinders based in New York City, USA. Recent news retrieved on Discord is, they just performed on Catharsis at Hetauda.

They said, “talking about our plan after album launch, we’ll be working on new songs and we wanna come up with some serious jaw breaking hardcore/grind stuffs in our style. Maybe a new record or maybe a tour abroad. Till then, let’s grind!”

What we gotta adore about this band is, they are doing all these stuffs with DIY ethics and have transcended into an example of how strong can a DIY effort be. We’ll wait for the record for now. Pre-order their tapes if you’re in Europe/US. Check them out if you haven’t already.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DISCORDx/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/discord.grindcore?igshid=1xqa76haxaerz

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbAU31xYZz1h_PeRg61JlTA

Bandcamp: http://lckr.bandcamp.com/album/discord-blood-sweat-grind

Pre-order link: https://lckr.bandcamp.com/album/discord-blood-sweat-grind

Written by Beeplav Shrestha, Nepal Underground, 2020.

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