TOERAG, Dharan Based Hardcore Punk Band.

‘Toerag’ Dharan based Punk/Hardcore band was offically formed in early August, 2019 and played their debut show on Terror Welfare-III. They started playing with the line-up of Nima as a frontman, Furba on bass, Sabin on guitars and Saurav as drummer. Later, Avaash joined the band as the Drummer. 

Their music roots to DIY Punk, Hardcore Ska Punk & Old School Punk. They immediately picked up this style since they were highly influenced by the similar kind of music. ToeRag says “Shout out all the Punk bands for inspiring them”. 

Toerag performing at Catharsis 2019, Hetauda.

Toerag writes about anti-political, anti-racism, anti-occupational discrimination, anti-police brutality, ecological & environmental issues. 

Their demo ‘Tarika Ho‘ which translates to “Is this the way?” talks about the ongoing civil carelessness in the country. Another song ‘Rape Revenge’ screams about the critical problems of a rape victims, unsolved rape cases and the unfair judgement of society on them. Similarly, ‘Youth of Dharan’ expresses the sorrow of homeless, street kids and young people living in Dharan. The song also expresses the police brutality which they’ve been facing. ‘Guhar‘ is a cry for help for the ongoing environmental crisis. And ‘Age of the School’ is about the irrelevant educational system of Nepal, the occupational discrimination they’ve faced at school.

Recently they’ve released a raw version of their single ‘Load Shedding’. Once they were jamming, the electricity was suddenly cut out, going into frustration they wrote this song. 

The band doesn’t have much future plans as they say, “We don’t have any major plans but we’ll be playing till our last breath.” 

They’re one of the finest emerging bands in the DIY underground evolution happening in Nepal, right now. They actively participates and performs in the underground gigs around East, most of them are DIY shows. Gotta love the DIY spirit! Latest update on them is, They recently performed at a show called ‘Winter Violation’ in Gangtok,India.

This is the band you should watch out for. The DIY spirit, the hardcore punk roots and the true underground movement. 

Check them out if you haven’t yet. 



Link of ‘Load Shedding’ :

‘Toerag’ live at ‘Terror Welfare-III’:

Written By: Beeplav Shrestha, Nepal Underground 2020.

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