sikth silence festival v

Silence Festival ain’t a new name for metal-head in Nepal, continuing the half decade run Silence Festival V is scheduled to be headlined by Sikth – UK based progressive metal/ mathcore/ hardcore etc. a very diverse band impossible to be categorized in a single genre. The announcement of Sikth headliningContinue Reading

shiva rudrastakam

The vedic metal band Dying out Flame has released the track studio record track “Shiva Rudrastakam” which will appear in their upcoming full length album by same name. Their debut album is scheduled to be released on late April. The track “Shiva Rudrastakam” was released on February 25 via MetalContinue Reading

sangharsha bayou

Bayou the latest offering from Nepali band Sangharsha has been released and is available from free listening on band’s official bandcamp account. The album was recorded/mixed/engineered by Kurt Ballou of band CONVERGE. The album consists of 6 tracks running for approximately 25 minutes. Longest track in the album is KachuliContinue Reading