Kalodin Latest Ep 2011 songs

The singaporian/Nepali Black Metal Band Kalodin is heading toward their latest Ep(not full length album) in this year.Davin Shakya , Front man of Kalodin reveals that Kalodin will be releasing their latest Ep with in few months. To promote their upcoming Ep, Kalodin have uploaded a sample piece of Ep.Continue Reading

kalodin at nepfest 2010

Kalodin as usual did a great performance in 1st Nepfest Inter College Music Competition held at Kathmandu,Funpark ,Bhrikuti Mandap. Kalodin performed some Cover songs and performed their originals Songs.This is the second gig of Kalodin in Nepali Underground Scene featured with Antim Grahan. Previously They performed in Putrefaction Eternity GigContinue Reading

antim grahan nepfest 2010

I Captured videos of Antim Grahan performing At Nepfest Inter College Music Competition (ICMC) 2011 held at Bhrikuti Mandap Kathmandu. Antim Grahan was unable to perform their performance fully. The Cops stopped the gig while performing the Antim Grahan. I have uploaded two videos entitled “300” from the album InContinue Reading