Antim Grahan Putrefaction Eternity Album art

The Lyrics for the Antim Grahan Latest album Putrefaction Eternity Goes Here. The Album will be uploaded soon. Do check regularly supporting the scene. Tracks: I Bleed Hate Inhumane Puterfaction Eternity Spawns Of The Bastard Realm Alter Of The Fallen Creation Of Vehemence Your end is near I can senseContinue Reading

Bidroha Nepali thrash metal band 2010

I seek for malevolence I seek for vengeance Destruction, my other name Now, you live with regret Suffocation, your only friend Hate, is all you get So, you’re better off dead X 2 No pill will kill your pain I seek for a license to kill The world in whichContinue Reading

E.quals Nepali Metal Band

Verse 1: the days are grey again .. they are pointing finger telling we shouldnt win cause fears growing in their hearts seee how they seperate and try to pick us apart so now we’r eating round the rotten parts cleching these fist and waiting to start make sure ofContinue Reading

Cruentus Asantusta Aatma

Asantusta Aatma (2005) 1) Asantusta Aatma 2) Beneath the bleeding the moon 3) Circle of Fear 4) The shadows of darkness 5) Massacre of the holy ones 6) Bless me with thy pain 7) The unknown warrior ASANTUSTA AATMA(2005) Hridaya maa taato angaar balirahecha Mero laash mero agaadi aahaaraa jhaiContinue Reading

Sunny Tuladhar Atomic Bush

SANO PRAKASH choto sangharsha, haar sanga bagdai lamo dukhai bandai cha… salkeko chitta nivdaina kahiley kina? samaya futdai cha… dhaldo jivan, pratibimba sanga bhagdai birano – urath bandai cha… badhdo nirasha, aafai bhirta chulincha kina? maan mardai cha… aaja feri, atit sanga judhadai.. ma sano prakash pyudai chu malin ghamContinue Reading

Blood Metal Initiation Nihilism Shall Remain Perversion Or Cutting Of A Human body and Eating Some Of It Slaughter Sword Death bringer The Nihilistic Death Attack a Grand Declaration of Atheism and Blasphemy Divination Desecrated Mayhemic Horde Ragat Suicidal Lunacy Home Of the Beast Cannibal Feast Chandaal Shaitan Blood MetalContinue Reading