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Itihas Pathos Insipid Download Mp3 Itihas samay ko garba ma lukeka itihas ko paanaabaata haryeka satayaharu Akhaa aagaadika parda ugharera hera baichaarik suneyatalay ubhayaka parkhal bhatkayera hera ah…… darsan ka sanjal ma bimohit chetana lai mukti dilai sansar ka ghosak bivasta kalchakrako samchepan gari andhyara chitiz ka aakas mandal maContinue Reading


Phantasmic Coercion As the evigore heightened beneath down my throat, under kindred scars the ravaged evil belched out when the azure skies had swooned above. Wan toned as the power pertained me finally when the stellars descended pain and misery rose up once again as a warlock got enthroned. Atrocities,Continue Reading

Words by : Marina Lama , Astha Tamang-Maskey and Rohit Shakya Produced by: Jindabaad Gazing through the high definition, Dust by dust, Analyzing everything that’s a must. There’s nothing left to lose There’s nothing left to choose This shade of blue, this inner silence, Just calling out for you. Can’tContinue Reading

Jugaa hamal hardcore ep

WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT THE BEAUTY OF YOUR COUNTRY WHEN IT’S POPULATED BY SHIT LIKE YOU Your country’s a wasteland And you’re the waste May the fists of the Mighty* Crash down on your fucking face * Mighty = Rajesh Hamal TEXTBOOK EXAMPLES OF IGNORANCE Regression is destruction RegressionContinue Reading