Album Review : Kings among Men – “We, The Sadist”

kings among men - album - we the sadist

Released on June 25, “We, The Sadist” is the debut EP by Lalitpur based metalcore band “Kings Among Men”. The EP consists five tracks and has runtime of approximately 22minutes.The album was released by Noah Records, Bangkok.

The EP starts with intro track “With n Sanity”, which is basically random noise and scream accompanied by faint synth in the background. The second track to follow is KOBK (Kill or be Killed). The song starts off with break down and is shortly accompanied by groovy riffs.

Remaining tracks follow a similar song pattern. The album packs breakdowns, groove riffs, raspy vocals and clean vocals to compliment the track. The influence of modern metal genres such as groove metal, post-hardcore and metalcore can be noticed on the album; it’s kind of impossible to pin the album in a single genre.
Track three – “Scapegoat” and fifth track “Heads I win, Tails you lose” features Nikita Shrestha (Space) and Avishek KC (Underside). The inclusion of this artist definitely adds some dynamics to the track. Though in track three the vocal of featuring artist is less audible.

“Disfigured” stands at fifth track. The first single release of the band and was accompanied by a music video. The inclusion of melodic guitar goes very well with the track and this is what makes the track stand out from rest of the track.

The album can be considered a solid release and is definitely a strong achievement on a band’s resume. Physical copies of the EP can be purchased from Sound Factory (Bhanimandal, Lalitpur) and GnT station (Baneshwor). The EP is also available at iTunes.

You can stream “We, The Sadist” album from the band’s record label Noah Records official YouTube account.

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