Antim Grahan – Black Metal Band (Nepal)



Formed in the late 2003, Antim Grahan has now emerged as one of the premier extreme metal outfit in the underground scenario of Nepal. The band is recognized in the underground community as a prime example of virtuosity, perseverance, dedication and evolution.

Antim Grahan is the first band to have a record label in the local underground scene in Nepal as it has been associated with KtmRecords from its first album.

The band has released 4 albums under their belt with the latest one, The Ruin of Immortals, being released internationally in Japan. Antim Grahan has become the first band to be recognized worldwide and have an international release.

With the release of their new album, The Ruin of Immortals, they have left behind the melodic pattern of music which they were mostly related with and now with their latest release, they have touched the new heights of brutality.

And by the looks of things to come, the reign of black metal has certainly begun!


Black Metal

Current Members

Parash Shakya – Vocals
Pankaj Shakya – Guitar
Niraj Shakya – Keyboard
Bhaskar Swar – Guitar
Kundan Shrestha – Bass
Gobinda Sen- Drums

Past Members

Surya Pun-Drums
Yudhir Gautam – Guitars
Sabin Shrestha – Drums
Sunny Mahat – Bass
Supath Sitaula – Guitars
Pratik Thapa – Bass


Kathmandu ,Nepal



Record Label



Forever Winter (2004)
Tales From The Darkened Woods (2005)
In Thy Ambience of Malevolence (2007)
The Ruin Of Immortals (2009)
Putrefaction Eternity (2010)
I wish You Death (2012)


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