GIG Review : “Kathmandu on the Run – Tribute to Pink Floyd”

pink floyd tribute collage

tribute to pink floyd nepal

The much hyped and anticipated “Kathmandu on the run – tribute to Pink Floyd gig” happened on March 29 at Purple Haze, Thamel Kathmandu. The band playing in the gig was “The strings” band with additional members including Subha Bd. Sunam on Saxophone. Strings band is a cover band and mostly plays in bars/restaurants. More than 50% of the ticket was sold out before a week of event. At the event date, there was huge crowd outside the venue just curious to get in.
By 3:30 the show was completely sold out and lots of people outside had to return, as purple Haze isn’t a big place and couldn’t accommodate huge crowd.

The show kicked off at around 4:30 with “Shine on you crazy diamond”cover and the crowd sang along with the band. The crowd sang along the whole set-list, every line of the song!! Strings band covered Pink Floyd in perfection giving the crowd “Floyd” experience. With saxophone, back vocals, synths and keys the sound emulated was mesmerizing. The band’s performance can be called flawless with no room for error or complaining.
The crowd participation was tremendous in the event, I cannot recall any event with such huge participation. There were hundreds of people singing along with band in sync and the experience was really amazing.

pink floyd tribute collage

The old Strings band which had covered Pink Floyd back in early 90s also made a guest appearance in the show. There was a short screening of “old Strings” band’s story but it failed to capture the attention of the crowd due to inaudible sound.

Kudos to the organizers and event management team for such magnificent delivery.
The video of the show is in editing by Traveller’s crew and will be out soon. For those who couldn’t get in, “Wish you were here”.

The event was presented by As Oscar Event & Entertainment and Pink Floyd Nepal.

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