NU: Hello Sabin. Can u tell us about your band ‘Undefined Human’ ? Where are you guys from ?

Sabin: Undefined human is an old school band formed in 2011 A.D. We are from Hetauda.

NU: Can u tell us about the band lineup ?

Sabin: Yes. I play guitars in the band, Dipesh Shahi is on vocals, Bibek Limbu plays bass, and Rajat paudel plays drums.

NU: What does the name ‘Undefined Human’ mean ?

Sabin: Mysterious beings that mankind cannot describe. Its all supernatural stuff. Undefined Human means a person who looks half like a human and half like a mysterious creature.

NU: Can u tell us about the early bands in Hetauda ? Were you inspired by them to choose this path (Death Metal) ?

Sabin: There was a band in our town “Hetauda” named “Suicide Theory” and were inspired by them. We are also inspired by the Underground Bands of Nepal like Ugrakarma, Cruentus, Jugaa, Tamishra, and many more. Listening and observing the Underground Music Act in Nepal , thus it urged us to start a Band. As we all know that the band Suicide Theory shared the stage of first Idles of March done by Ktmrocks with Bands like Ugrakarma & X-Mantra. These bands continued but Suicide Theory dismantled due to some reasons and slowly the Underground Scene faded from Hetauda. So to give life to the sleeping scene we decided to start a band and do re-establish the Metal Scene here in Hetauda. In our initial days of Undefined Human, We Jam with Bishal and Ashish from Suicide Theory (The first death metal band from Hetauda).


NU: Tell us about your songwriting process.

Sabin: Well, firstly the riffs are made and drum patterns are made and finally our mate Suvash Sapkota writes the lyrics, and Dipesh fills in the vocals.

NU: As far as i know, you guys are among the bands who believe in D.I.Y shows. Your show “Slaughter house death fest” which happened recently was a good success. How hard is it to put up a metal show for u guys?

Sabin: We never depend on the sponsors for an event.cause we believe a true metal lovers can invest themselves and organize a gig like we do here in Hetauda .We never play for money and we don’t wanna be a “ROCKSTAR” OR “COCKSTAR ” We say that don’t depend on others so that you get platform to play its just a time waste. If you think Like that just go and play in some jatra, Business fare, toilet, kitchen or your bedroom cause we never expect that to influence on metal music. Its you who should work on to develop your scene and then only it will evolve. We did many gigs here without sponsors in fact on our own expenses. Its feels different organizing your own stuff rather than depending on other organizers for shows.

NU: What are the lyrical themes in your songs ?

Sabin: Ancient warfare, history of our country, Martyrs, anger, destruction are the major themes in which our music is based on.

NU: What are your opinions on death metal scene of Nepal ? The audience, the bands, the organizers, what is your opinion on them ?

Sabin: Compared to the past few years, the scene is obviously growing, but bands in the scene are declining or i’d say ‘giving up’ due to lack of support, family pressure, studies and stuffs. Many bands quit in the first few years of their formation. And regarding the audience, i dont like a lot of them. Many people dont know what the fuck, the band is playing. A majority of gig attenders are potheads and drunkard who dont know shit about metal, yet they mosh with absolutely no idea about the band or song or genre. Many people wear band shirts, thinking it makes them cool ( no it doesnt) and try to prove themselves are a KVLT METALHEAD. thats absolutely funny. As far as i have known, only 10 % of the people who attend death metal shows know about this genre. Rest are posers.And regarding band members, i have met a lot of people with “Rockstar” or i’d day “C*ckstar” attitude. Band members who attend shows only when there band is playing, showing unnecessary attitude, acting like they have done alot for the scene, and showing up late in the show, thats all disgusting. And regarding organizers, they are the worst of all. Trust me, they dont care about the scene. All the care about is making money. Some organizers are so cheap they get sold for a bottle of beer. haha.. Give an organizer a bottle of beer, and play a show; your talent doesnt matter. Tight bands are not given a chance to play whereas shit bands with good relation with the organizers get alot of gigs. This is the situation in here. No organizer gives a fuck about supporting the scene. All they give a fuck is about supporting their friends, their brothers. Why the fuck do u keep repeating bands ? Are there no any bands in the scene ? Are you meant to support only your dear bands ? Why are good, talented bands not given a chance ? My questions to the event organizers. This is the reason we are D.I.Y.
And talking about band members again, alot of them are not serious about what they are playing. Some members have a different preference than the genre the band is playing, and some have absolutely no clue about the genre. Also many of them lack proper knowledge of the genre. Fucking posers listen to one or two bands, and start a death metal band. A majority of people listen to american bands who are a swedish/finnish rip off. Sixfeet under which is the worst band ever and cannibal corpse which many people got tired of in the 90s. haha..Proper knowledge of the genre they are playing is lacking within the band members themselves. And that fact is sad.

NU: What are some of the death metal albums, a death metal fan must listen to ?

Sabin: Well, some of my favourites are as follows:

malvolent creation- the ten commandments

bolt thrower-those once loyal

unleashed where no life dwells

incantion onward to golgotha

grave -into the grave

morbid angle- altars of madness

dismember-like and everflowing stream

entombed-left hand path

dying out flame- shiva rudrastakam

immolation- dawn of possession

pestilence-consuming impulse

cannibal corpse- bleeding

autopsy- severed survival

God macabre- The Winterlong

NU: Which are some of the local bands you admire ?

Sabin: Not much. Dying Out Flame, Ugrakarma, and Zombie X Incest too. haha

Nu: Are u guys planning for an album or an Ep in near future ?


Sabin: Not sure about a full length, but we will be coming up with an EP in near future.

NU: What do u want to say to your fans and supporters ?

Sabin: Please guys support the real scene don’t act like a poser and support the band by buying their T-shirt , eps, and CDs. Support Nepali band to built up our own scene. Say no to piracy…Buy bands merch such as cds t shirt . Attend the gigs. Your ‘SUPPORT’ in facebook doesnt mean shit unless you show up in the gig and buy band merchs. Dont ask for free tickets, and buy the tickets to support the organizers. Nobody come and does things for you . Do it yourself to built up your own scene. If u depend upon other for programme go and play your instrument in bathroom. Know your shit, dont be a jerk, wearing band shirts of bands you have no idea about. Dont boast about your support to the scene, unless you have actually supported a band by buying their stuffs and attending shows. Thats it!



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