Kalodin’s new single “State of Divine Madness” released

kalodin state of divine madness

kalodin state of devine madness

Kathmandu, Nepal based premium death metal band Kalodin has released their latest single “State of Divine Madness” which appears on their upcoming album by same name. “State of Divine Madness” is follow up to their 2012 release “Sarv EP”. Since their 2012 release “Sarv”, the band departed from anti-christ theme to hindu deity/mythology influence. The band have continued to move on same direction in their latest upcoming release as well.

The album was recorded at Sound Fusion Productions, sarangi part filled by Jason Kunwar(Night), Sudhir Aadvita Roots(Tabla), Navin Pokhrel(Vox efx), was mixed by Davin Shakya and mastered by Arsafes Arsafes Arsafes of band Kartikeya (Russia).

Stream the audio from here :

Kalodin “State of Divine Madness” lyrics
I consume the seed of Ghrinna
Dancing in the light of funeral pyre
Smeared in ashes of the breathless
Immersed in Advaita
Contemplation of Self
Consciousness free from the Asthamahapasha!

Distorting the line of impure & purity
Without the other, non would exist

Karpuragauram, Karudawattaram, Sansarasaram, Bhujagyandraharam
Sadawasantam, Hridayarawinde, Bhawam Bhawanisahitum Namami

Om Nama Shivayah

Om Triyambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pustiwardhanam
Urwarukamiwa Bandhanaan Mrityormokshiya Mamrita

Just as the blazing flame of fire
burns to ashes, the mortal flesh bound
Redeemed from ephemeral perception
Undisturbed in His absolute ground
I hold as Myself the fire of Brahman
absorbed in the left hand path

Om Hreem Mahayakshini
Pradatraya Namah

Om Aghorevyo
ghor ghor

The soul, eternal, pervades all
Enmeshed in the cosmic web
Transmigrating to eternity
To the abode of the Supreme
Redeemed at new creation

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