Lost Oblivion “She dies today” Lyrics

Lost Oblivion The Last Verse of Madness

She laid in a fodder with a half dead man
torn from his limbs eaten till his veins
she showered in blood gave them her poisiones lips
the scars she beard was an inverted crucifix
like a beast she led them inside smiled down as they laid and died
her sex was on agony she laid him on the floor right then touched his heart as he asked for more……(*2)
she said …sanitys for a f***in wanker…..

cry …cry….cry
she is walking down down the line anialating what is true…
her skin can sence evil vile….she broken down but still ready for you

your time has been done… (verse )
your stars have alinened
your hate shall be mine…..she cries

comply,you die ,your hate is my own serenade
inside they lie so dont try to defeat it (*2)…….. you f***ing cunt
just cry cry

just like cunts in crimson red a demoin nation rise in our brains
when the angel of death is breathing down her face , she slowly remembers their names
slaughter poision and rape…no good is done so f***in die…
the carnal canvas of her woeful faith now keeps burning inside

your time shall be done
your hate shall be mine
your hate shall be oblined
your dues won’t be paid
your sin have said
your pain will now grow greater……..

comply you die your hate my own serenade
inside they lie so dont try to defeat it


cryyyyyyyyyyy cause she dies today……she is dead……..

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