Albatross – Ma ra Malai Album review

albatross ma ra malai full album

albatross ma ra malai full album

Albatross as a band came into existence in late 90s and released their first album Hi:fly, which was heavier than albatross we know today – it was a straight thrash/metal release.

After a long hiatus albatross hit the scene again with the release of “Jo Jo sanga Sambandhit cha” in 2005, which not only got them followers from underground scene but also from mainstream. The band diverted their path to alternative rock since JJSSC and has followed same track in their previous release “Atti bhayo” and recent release “ma ra malai”.

The 35 minute album consist of 8 Nepali tracks, starting from title track “Ma ra Malai”  which gives a bird eye view of what to expect from upcoming tracks in the album. The song is well-crafted energetic track, which also sum-up the overall theme of the album i.e. contemporary issue of Nepali culture and society – as stated by the band.

Next track to follow up in album is “Gari khana deu” which is spitted into 2 parts –“Gari khana deu I” and “Gari khana deu II” which appears in 7th track. Besides sharing minor lyrics part both tracks are different, musically as well as lyrically, both of these track have their own feel and mood.

The track “Bhool” is another strong track from the album, which in my opinion has possibility of pleasing wider range of audience. It is a slow, melodious track for those who prefer easy listening experience.

4th track “Adhar” has soft melodious part in verse and is followed by heavy distorted guitar part in chorus perfectly complementing the track.

“Manav nai danav” is heavier than two previous tracks – the track seems to be about two faces that exist in the society..

Track “Afnai sansar ma kina”, lyrically sounds like pro-feminist track where vocalist Sirish Dali is speaking about the unjust women has to go through in male dominated society like of Nepal. The tracks also have much more synth and keys part to compliment the song. These additions definitely add extra flavor to build up mood required for the track.

The album ends with track “Sagar”, which is another great track from the album. The solo in this track is top-notch and chorus part will get you hooked.

Overall, the album is well done. The music, production, lyrics, vocal everything is tight, leaving no room for complain. In this release the band also seems to be experimenting with synth, keys – giving dynamic sound. Although Albatross is alternative rock group we can sense some progressive rock elements. The entire track follows the theme of “ma ra malai” i.e. about selfishness and ego that are present in our society. The album did accurately reflect the contemporary issue of Nepali culture and society. Albatross fans won’t be disappointed with this release. This release is definitely stranger that previous releases of Albatross.

You can listen to full album ma ra malai here.

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