“BRUTALFEST” underground concert by Brutal Pokhara

Brutal Pokhara BrutalFest Brotherhood of Mayhem

Brutal Pokhara BrutalFest Brotherhood of Mayhem

Brutal Pokhara , active SCENE supporting group from Pokhara is organizing Brutal Gig on coming 2nd of July.It is becoming more active now-a-days in Pokhara Underground SCENE.Few weeks ago they published E-magazine(E-zine) for the first time. To make underground bands active from Pokhara,brutal Pokhara is organizing gigs frequently.

This time they come up with gig on the occasion of International day against Drugs Abuse And Illicit Trafficking 2011 covering band from Pokhara itself,Kathmandu and Darjeeling.Brutal Fest Brotherhood of Mayhem is associated with Pokhara Musical House.The line up for this gig  is :

From Darjeeling

Grungy Morphins “The Gorkha Metal Warriors”

Dark Murder Scheme

From Kathmandu


Horny Monks

From Pokhara

Dark Guree Amort

House of Lord




Have a look for Brutal Pokhara E-zine

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