Ful’stop band single Aakash Chyatio

Fullstop nepali band songs


Fullstop nepali band songsIts Ful’stop not Fullstop vocalist Prashant Dhakal corrected me while taking with him.Ful’stop is just 2 years old band in underground SCENE in Nepal. I love to say it as family band.Bassist Bishal Sharma and drummer Rowbortson Pradhan are younger brothers of Prashant.Atit Risal holds the role of lead Guitars who is  jigree of Prashant from childhood. So Ful’stop=Brotherhood=Family.Atit Risal used to play lead for band called Amadeus which later became Prayatna. Risal left Prayatna and come up with Dhakal to form new band.In seek of forming new band Dhakal and Risal met two younger brothers Bishal and Rowbortson.All members came up with different names for band. And finally Ful’stop got Birth.

Recently Ful’stop release their single Aakash Chyatio. Album will be released shortly as said by Prashant as Ful’stop members are busy in studio.We will let you know after Ful’stop finished their album.

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  1. i listened to the aakash chyatiyo, it is great song. i like it

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