Gig Alert! ‘Mountain Grinders’ this February!



On February 27, at Reggae Bar, UgraKarma will release their long-awaited EP, “Mountain Grinders”, the follow-up to 2001’s “Blood Metal Initiation”. The show also marks the return of metallic hardcore riffstealers Jugaa to the stage, their first since 2014. Binaash too will be fucking shit up, as they always do.

On the topic of fucking shit up, grindcore crew Nude Terror will be taking no prisoners. This bunch has built quite a reputation as a solid live act, and if you haven’t seen them yet, now’s a good time. One of the country’s best hardcore punk bands, Squirt Guns, too are on the bill. Seriously, more people need to be listening to this trio. And completing the lineup is Zombie X Incest, those powerviolent bastards! If you’re into fast and furious hardcore (with a bit of NYHC chug), come by early to check out these undead sisterfuckers.

Well then:

UgraKarma (Mountain Grinders EP release) –

Jugaa (First show since 2014, probably their last in a while? Who even knows?) –


Nude Terror

Squirt Guns

Zombie X Incest

Venue: Reggae Bar, Thamel
Date: 27 February (Saturday)
Time: Doors open at 12, show goes on till 6pm
Entry: Rs. 400 (Rs. 350 presales)

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