Breach not Broken – Between The Guilt & Desires full EP stream

breach not broken ep


breach not broken ep

After months of work in progress, flag-bearer of post hardcore Breach not Broken finally released their debut EP Between The Guilt & Desires in December, 2015. The six track EP features hit singles such as Hope, No Wounds, Solitude, Rise, Die Alone (featuring Gaurav Shrestha of Rage Hybrid) and Futile. You can stream the whole EP from below.

The band came a long way in releasing this EP. BnB’s dedication and hard work are well reflected by the release. The album is a DIY release and was recorded in home-studio of guitarist/vocalist of the band – Saurav Tamrakar.

According to the band, “Hope is about  when a person loses everything, how he is forced to hope. The next song in the collection, Solitude is about a person’s yearning for isolation after he gets sick and tired of placing his hopes in humanity.” “Die Alone, which is an extended metaphor about how a person tends to separate from society and becomes alone after successive bouts with failure”. Similarly, No Wounds is about a person who has failed and is consumed by negativity. Since he is immune now, he feels no pain,”

Unfortunately, after the departure of vocalist, the band is currently in hiatus. Nevertheless, the release will be remembered for the ages to come. The album is definitely a landmark release of year 2015 in the scene.

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