Memorable release of year 2015 from the scene

2015 release nepal

2015 release nepal

It’s 2016! NU is now six years old. The year 2015 has not been a great year for overall Nepal. The music scene is no expectation. In our observation, the scene suffered a lull throughout the year. Several shows got cancelled due to the crisis. Notably, we missed 2015 installment of Silence Fest. Still, we got chance to witness Funerus live in Nepal. The earthquake and economic blockade can be held responsible for the unfavorable outcome. Nevertheless, we saw some great release from the Nepalese Metal scene. We have cherry picked our best of 2015. Go through the playlist & let us know if we missed something.

1. Underside – Satan in your stereo

Underside established themselves as a premium metal act after a release of much acclaimed “Welcome to the Underside” EP. The band is currently working on their LP release – “Satan in your Stereo” Music video for title song was released in early 2015 and has received overwhelming response from both inside and outside the country.

2. Tumbleweed Inc. – Local Thito

Tumbleweed is not a new name. The band has established itself as a bridge between mainstream & underground metal scene. Local Thito appeared in the band’s 2014 release “Parichaya”. Also the music video has some footage from NU’s 5th year anniversary gig “Underground GIG”.  :D . Also, they have new music video for Mr President, released 3 months ago.

3. Kalodin

Kalodin is a flag bearer of black metal among the follower in the scene. The band made only a few appearances after the release of their EP “Sarv”. The band released single “State of Divine Madness” off their upcoming album. The band has hinted release of the new album; most probably in 2016.

4. Breach not Broken – No Wounds

No Wounds” is a 2nd single release from post-hardcore group Breach not Broken. The band generated the buzz after releasing their first music video for track “HOPE” back in 2014. 2015 saw the release of new track “No Wounds” and announcement of the EP release date. The band released their debut EP “Between Guilt & Desire” on December 2015 via Underside Winter GIG.

5. Kings Among Men – Disfigured

Kings Among Men is fairly a new band on the block. The band released their debut music video/single Disfigured. For such a young band, the achievement is quite noteworthy. We can certainly expect another kick ass release from the band in coming future.

6. Shadow in Shade – Dante

The track appeared in band debut release “Conspiracy Theory”. The band was also in “Metal for Nepal” lineup. Conspiracy theory is their debut release.

7. Elbow Room – Purge

Elbow Room is a new band based in the valley. The progressive metal/Djent group released their EP album with Shadow in Shade. The release is promising and we can expect there is more to come from the band.

8. Kamero – Sangchob

The track appeared in band’s debut release “Absence Paradox”. The lyrics video for track “Sangchob” was released in mid December. The release from progressive rock group definitely a mention worthy. Nepalese music scene lacks progressive rock, the band definitely fills that gap. (We hope the title is spelled right.)

9. Asphyxiate – Deceased Species

The band is in the scene since 2012. In 2015, the band released the play through video demonstrating the band’s technical ability. The technical death metal band “Asphyxiate” is definitely the one to look out for in 2016.

10. Squirt Guns – The Departure

Released via Stelis Record, India, The Departure is a second full-length by Kathmandu based hardcore punk band Squirt Guns. The album consist 8 track and available in bandcamp for streaming and purchase at USD 666.

11. Vomiting Snakes – Disfigured Ideas

The band is yet to release their recorded audio. But the band do have this tight live video recorded at ICMC.

12. Zombie X Incest – The first violent step

Power violence band Zombie X Incest released their first EP titled “The First Violent Step”. The band is currently working on their next record The Second Violent Step as well as a few splits and compilations. The whole thing can be streamed from here.

13. Sandeep Tuladhar – Here we Rise

The remastered audio was released after the earthquake of April 25. The track was accompanied by a footage of earthquake and still sounds great.

14. Chappal – Timi Beautiful la

Chappal is a band from Jhapa. This is the their first music video. Taking the DIY approach, the band them self produced their music & video. This is instrumental track, simple structure and pleasant to the ear.

15. Bethelem – Judgement Day

The first debut release by Kathmandu based metalcore band Bethelem. The release was accompanied by a music video.

Also lets not forget the “Nepal Earthquake Compilation” compilation release.
Did we miss anything ? Let us know, drop your comments!

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