Memorable release of year 2014 (Nepal)

release 2014 nepal

release 2014 nepal

Another year has ended, just like previous year lots of bands have released their  materials that are worth mentioning. Analyzing the band’s materials we can say production quality has definitely improved noticeably. In this post we would like to list some of the most memorable releases of year 2014 in Nepal(sorted according to release date).

1. Underside – Welcome to the Underside EP
Underside’s début album “Welcome to the Underside” was one of the much awaited album of the year 2014 and we can say the album doesn’t disappoint. The album was of top-notch musically,composition wise and production as well.

2. Albatross – Ma ra Malai
4th studio release by Albatross “Ma ra Malai” is a solid release from the band till date in my opinion.

3. Dying out Flame – Shiva Rudrastakam
Kathmandu Nepal based vedic death metal band released their debut album Shiva Rudrastakam via Xtreem Music (Spain). The band has blended western classical music with death metal to give a unique listening music experience.

4. Narsamhaar : Genocide Euphoria
Narsamhaar – death metal band from Pokhara delivered pure death metal on their début album “Genocide Euphoria”. They definitely share the rank amongst the finest death metal band in Nepal.

5. Divine Influence – Scarecrow EP
Scarecrow EP is a debut release by groove metal band Divine Influence. The band has definitely put lots of effort on the album and has been able to prove themselves as one of the finest band.

6. Tumbleweed Inc. – Parichaya
Lead by Sarad Shrestha, Tumbleweed released their debut album Parichaya on 2014. Musically the band share similarity with band like RATM i.e rock/metal mixed with rap.

7. Breach not Broken – Hope
Breach not Broken, post-harcore band from Kathmandu, Nepal finally released their single “Hope“. The band won 10th ICMC & Battle of Band in 2014 and played in Silence Fest V. The band is working on EP, keep your eye open for them.

8. Ember Eyes – Paila
Paila was 3rd single release by Alternative rock band Ember Eyes. The song opens with a catch riff/intro and is followed by soft melodic vocal. The track goes well for those wanting an easy listening experience.

9. Cobweb – Rajneeti
Legendary Cobweb with their heavier single titled “Rajneeti”. Nothing much to say, they are still the best!

10. Night – Ani okali sangai orali
A perfect way to end the year. Launched the end of 2014 the Night represents the authentic sound of Nepali music.

11. Calamitian: Source Gobbling Monster
They are aspiring brutal death metal band from Kathmandu, this is their first single release.

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  1. Been a great year for the Nepali rock music field i think.
    We heard great music from Underside, Albatross and Tumbleweed…

    Hoping for another rocking musical year as well. m/

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