Suffer Till Death – Bidroha with Lyrics ( Promo Track)

bidroha suffer till death album art

 bidroha suffer till death album art

Promo Track “Suffer Till Death” from Bidroha’s full length album “Suffer Till Death” (2013). Bidroha is a Nepali Thrash/ Heavy Metal band that was formed in March 2010 with the initiation of front man Saurab (Lead Guitarist/Vocalist) and Zantu(Lead Guitarist).

The album consists 8 track and was released on November 2013.

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Bidroha – Suffer Till Death Lyrics

The human disease
came for trouble
Bleeding destruction
Feed it with your life

Worship it as your creator
Yeah, now it’s your god
It knows your weakness
cause it survives in you

Mass catastrophe awaits
Falls into traps of death
Awaking the grants
Man-o-war begins

Retaliate against it
You will die by its hand
Terror it’s friend
now suffer till death !

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